(More than) 4 ways triathlons help careers

4 ways triathlons could make you more successful in your career

This is a good LinkedIn post by J.T. O’Donnell about the connection between your triathlon life and career. The author identified 4 career-related benefits from triathlon training and racing, and I added these three:

  1. the time staring at the black pool lane, riding the bike trainer, or doing drills on a track allows you to mentally work through any work-related challenges…desk problems seem much more manageable after my lunchtime run;
  2. co-workers and/or direct reports gain a deeper appreciation of your personal integrity by seeing your disciplined diet and schedule; and
  3. triathletes love collecting data to understand our fitness levels but we also take personal gut checks — this belief in getting a whole picture through both numbers and “feel” is one of the most useful applications to my career.

How has being a triathlete benefited your career?

One thought on “(More than) 4 ways triathlons help careers

  1. Great article. I would add that training for a long course triathlon makes you better a managing a project. All the ups and downs, adjustments and corrections you have to do to your training plan due to workload, family commitments, injuries, illness, etc. are perfectly transferable skills in the workplace.


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