More miles and more smiles

I am looking for interesting, not-too-long, and personalized reports of training sessions and race days. I like this post. Congrats to ObessessiveRunningDisorder for a successful week.

I ride, i run, i ride some more....

So another catch up I’m afraid (sorry Ess) to keep you up to date with how my training is going and the Charlgrove 10K of course.

I headed into Charlgrove with my eyes on a sub 40 minute time. The year before I ran a 52 and came something like 270th. Gee’d on by Rachel and a bet for a burger and a pint meant I had to go all guns blazing for the dub 40 time. We made our way to the start line and I put myself just a couple back from the line, the gun went off and I went with the fast guys out of the park and onto the road. 2K in and my legs were done, my calves were cramping and my shins felt tight, this wasn’t good and not my plan at all. Despite wanting to stop several times I plodded on, I…

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