This Week’s Triathlon Good Things

Three things from the week making me a better triathlete:

1) Kitsilano Pool Opens! 

Kitsilano Pool, Vancouver BC

Kitsilano Pool, Vancouver BC

I was so excited about the opening day of this 135m, saltwater public pool that I marked the date in my calendar. This pool designed for long distance and open water swimming is a must for a triathlete in Vancouver. I swam there twice this week and witnessed swim strokes that should not exist.

2) “Professional endurance sport are weird.”

Closing thought in a good post by It’s Always Sunny Running. While someone is always out there who knows more than you, there are more people who really don’t care about these wonderful sports.

3) Spin Ups On The Trainer!

I enjoyed the flowing sweat, zen moment, and gear experimentation in yesterday’s bike training session focused on spin ups (10 repeats of :30 sec spin and 1:30 recovery) and single leg drills.

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