This Week’s Triathlon Good Things

1) Wear, Swim, Rinse, Repeat, Recycle.

My Blueseventy Reaction wetsuit is one of the best investments in my triathlon training, and I hope to fit inside it for several seasons. When I am ready for a new suit, I will check into Blueseventy’s wetsuit recycling program to pass on my suit. Great way to be green and make triathlons/open water swimming more accessible.

2) Heirloom Vegetarian

Baja Burrito, Heirloom Vegetarian 

Vancouver has many restaurant options – fancy, takeout, casual – for nutritious and creative vegetarian and vegan meals. I am enjoying Heirloom Vegetarian and its comfortable upscale cafe/neighborhood pub vibe on 12th and Granville. I ate its delicious Baja Burrito with quinoa nut patties last Saturday and planning another visit this weekend.

3) Strength Training Makes Me Strong Sore

Strength training is returning to my weekly workouts. The side planks, hamstring curls, and other exercises focused on core and upper body are worth the time. I am sore.

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