It Was A Good Day

It Was A Good Day

It Was A Good Day

With the sun out and temperature up last Sunday morning, I got out of bed at 5:15. I meditated, ate breakfast and journaled, and took Luddo out. I next gathered my bike and gear bag and loaded the car. I drove to Pacific Spirit Regional Park arriving around 7:45 a.m. I parked on a side street, took out my bike, and organized my gear for a ride and run.

I rode along 16th Avenue, Marine Drive, and Chancellor Blvd, making two and half loops around the University of British Columbia campus in 90 minutes.  I returned to the car, exchanged cycling gear for running and did a 20 minute transition run.

I returned home, calling my parents and wishing a Happy Father’s Day to my dad. Afterward, I caught up with Joseph about his volunteer experience with the Toronto Triathlon Festival during the weekend.

Feeling that tired calm following a good work-out, I walked to JJ Beans on Cambie and spent two hours completing assignments for a freelance writing client and planning activities for my coming week.

I returned home in the late afternoon to slice and cook vegetables for dinner and future meals. I ate, watched a bit of television, and then read several blog posts by freelance writers about their practices. I feel asleep by 10 p.m.

It was a good day.

The training and writing easily mixed. I knew what activities I needed and wanted to do, rather than spending time preparing gear or prioritizing tasks, and I had adequate time to do them.

As a freelance writer living solo for the past four months, I have had control over practically every hour in my day. I determine how to organize my daily agenda, where and when I work during the weekend, what I do on a Wednesday morning, and why I wake am out of bed at 5:15 a.m. There is no one else to blame, accommodate, or rely upon for my day – no useless meetings, no ambiguous emails, no sudden requests slicing into my calendar. Just what I decide I need to do.

The opportunity has allowed me to blend building a freelance writing business with living a dedicated triathlete lifestyle.

When the mix is right, my training nurtures my writing and my writing interprets my training. Sunday was such a day.

When the mix is skewed, however, I lose time and energy debating what to do in the next hour. It underscores the necessity of planning both goals and tasks in advance and being disciplined in carrying them out through the day. Even with my current freedom and control in my day, getting this mix right and regular is not easy. I probably have a 1:3 ratio of successful days to disappointing ones.

But I continue to seek out and set the conditions for those successful days. I want to keep finding those Sundays. If you are a freelancer or remote worker, how do you organize your day for success and satisfaction?

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