This Week’s Triathlon Good Things

This Week's Triathlon Good Things

This Week’s Triathlon Good Things

Three things from the week making me a better triathlete:

1) Final Long Ride/Run Brick: 

The week’s training for IRONMAN 70.3 Los Cabos included my final long ride/run brick before the big race next Sunday. The 50+ miles on the bike and 7 miles run provided just enough confidence and just enough fear about really finishing the race to keep me motivated, humble, and hungry.

2) Kona Video of Rachel Joyce

Released prior to this year’s IRONMAN World Championship, the video by Kevin Winzeler for the cycling company enve shows British IRONMAN champion Rachel Joyce preparing for the race and training on her new, specially-designed bike. The visuals, music, and pacing elevate the video to a powerful expression of personal, long-term dedication to a goal despite real setbacks and hard misses.

3) Sweet, Sweet Tapering

Just when the training hours, physical exhaustion, and mental numbness almost submerged me into a dark and tri-resentful place, I entered the tapering phase, and life is good again.

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