My Miami to Los Cabos Layover


Today we travel from Vancouver to Los Cabos with a layover in Los Angeles. We are at LAX now, watching planes and drinking coffee.  If all goes as planned, the husband and I will complete the inaugural IRONMAN 70.3 Los Cabos on Sunday…and the sweaty race day could not come sooner.

For the past seven months in Vancouver, I have been training (swimbikerunstrength) for the Baja race, launching my freelance writing service, adapting to married life, and becoming a resident of Canadaland. On top of all that, I slipped in and out of my depression, gained an awesome writing client, mourned the passing of a cousin, and turned down two months in Toronto with the husband to care for a sweet but sick dog.

The past year has not followed the tidy initial plan I journaled about on my balcony those sunny afternoons in Seattle of last September.  Did I overestimate my capacity to handle all of the logistic, financial, and emotional changes? Yes. Did my inclination to say “HELL YES, I can do this” finally show dangerous consequences? Yes.  Did I escape into the pool and on the road to experience satisfaction and happiness from the triathlon training? Yes.

Last year at this time, I was flying alone into Fort Lauderdale to race the IRONMAN 70.3 Miami (both Los Cabos and Miami races are held the same weekend) as a personal reward following sixteen years employed by Philanthropy Northwest. Then, I was not sure, but I wanted to shift my career and lifestyle to something that would allow me to combine my passions and interests. It would be great, I thought, if I could find a way to write, train, and travel while making a living.

Across the table in the airport lounge, the husband adjusts his earbuds, and I plan to begin a project for a client on the flight to San Jose del Cabo. I realize now that Miami was the start to this new career, new country, new marriage, and Los Cabos is a perfectly-time comma mark in this year of change. In this journey from Miami to Los Cabos, I have changed more than an address, crossed more than one border, and had a very long layover.

2 thoughts on “My Miami to Los Cabos Layover

  1. Have a great race! I too am adjusting to married life and all of the adventures that that brings… IRONMAN Boulder will be my first foray into the triathlon world as a married man. Happy swimbikerun !


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