This Week’s Triathlon Good Things

Blog- Triathlon Good Things (1)

Three things from the week making me a better triathlete:

1) IRONMAN 70.3 Los Cabos

My sixth half IRONMAN race left me exhausted, tattooed with salt stains, and tanned — and deeply grateful. I stood steady on the beach at the race start with my amazing husband, a healthy body, and a calm mind. Though Los Cabos had the hardest course and toughest conditions I have ever experienced, I felt like the finish line in the town square of San Jose del Cabos really represented the end of a year-long race from a life in Seattle to a new and better one in Vancouver.


2) Blue Sky, Warm Water, Happy David

The blue sky, high temperatures, and bright sun of Los Cabos made race day challenging, yet I was happier and more motivated through the week. Once again, I was reminded that my best physical and mental self grows under a big sun and near water.


3) Eating Cactus and Crunching Jicama

During the week, we filled our plates and cups with slices and chunks of fresh tuna (aka cactus fruit and prickly pear), papaya, watermelon, guavas, bananas, tangerines, jicama, cucumbers, nopales, lemons (aka limes) and yellow lemons (aka limes), and limas (imagine the love child of a lime and orange.) The fruit and veggies kept me hydrated and nourished…and satisfied my sweet tooth in the land of pastries by the platter.

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