This Week’s Triathlon Good Things

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Three things from the week making me a better triathlete:

1) My Smurf Tire

I traded my rear wheel’s road tire for a Smurf blue training one, setting my bike up for the winter training season. I had the most outdoor rides ever and increased my on-road confidence this past summer, yet my speed and power were flat. Seeing the bike with the hard-to-miss tire in the living room should make it easier to train. At least, that’s my plan.

2) The Sports Diabetes Project

I recently wrote a press release about a new partnership between Sansego (IRONMAN Champ Craig Alexander’s triathlon coaching community) and The Sports Diabetes Project, an effort to inspire and educate diabetic athletes. Launched at this year’s IRONMAN World Championship, SDP is a team of triathletes who train, race and live with diabetes — and adds another important voice to this triathlon world. Better yet, the partnership was finalized just in time for today’s World Diabetes Day.

3) Eric McElvenny & Setting an IRONMAN Record

A few days ago, Kyle Manuch, the founder and CEO of Athlete Brands, alerted me to the story of Eric McElvenny and his goal to set a record time for an amputee finishing an IRONMAN race.  A Marine veteran and endurance athlete, McElvenny is probably at this moment feeling confident and ready for tomorrow’s IRONMAN Arizona. The more I learn about physically challenged athletes, the more I appreciate their athleticism. They train hard; they are driven; they want to do their best; they have good and bad days…just like all of us. Kudos to Athletes Brands for supporting the Challenged Athletes Foundation – Operation Rebound by selling limited edition t-shirts co-designed by Eric. Good luck, Eric!

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